BPA Health Concerns Can Be Eliminated By Cutting Plastic Bottles Out Of Your Diet

kModern science has made things possible that, even 20 or 30 years ago, we wouldn’t have dare dreamed possible. However, with such innovations and progress has come some less-than-desirable byproducts. A few examples to drive the point home: Automobiles and crude oil extraction brought on concerns about the possible effects it could be having on the climate; a swelling global population has left some to wonder at what point will our development of untouched lands cease; the discovery that canned foods can keep longer if the vessel itself is treated to prevent bacteria from forming. In this article, we’ll discuss the latter point and explain what you can do to avoid the health concerns associated with chemical byproducts.

Bisphenol A, or BPA as it’s commonly known, is a commonly-occurring chemical and its use in resins that line cans of food is what helps to prevent the aforementioned bacteria as well as the can from corroding. However, the problem within is that an increased consumption of products containing BPAs has been shown to lead to an uptick in health concerns. Some of those concerns include prostate cancer, miscarriages, diabetes, breast cancer and a handful of other health maladies. However, the Food and Drug Administration has deemed BPA as safe if ingested at low levels. If you happen to take that last bit with a grain of salt, then it’s time to start finding ways to avoid BPAs.

For starters, some studies have shown that water bottles are a big offender in the BPA department so if you’re looking for BPA free water bottles, consider the offerings of companies such as Glass Act. Stylish and BPA-free, glass water bottles are the only choice for those who want to avoid plastic bottles. The same advice goes for canned food, as avoiding cans will naturally keep the BPA-laden resins out of your diet. Health professionals note that BPA-free products will often carry a label identifying themselves as such. While it’s never easy to cut out items so readily accessible, a little homework will point you in the right direction and toward a healthier life.